• Helblinde – Memoria

    Thrilling new release coming from the cold north. Memoria is a heavy hitting, uplifting trance track that takes us back in time. With sweet pads, elegant plucks and a massive lead, it will take you on a journey that will never stop. Best of all, you are all welcome onboard.

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The artists of Project Memoria.


Genre: Trance/Tribecore/200bpm+

Homepage: http://www.helblinde.se

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/helblinde

Christofer “Helblinde” Nilsson is a 24 year old producer and DJ from Sweden. During his four-year career he has released music all around the world, and has had the oppurtunity to perform in Japan, Germany, UK, and Sweden. He has been featured on Swedish national radio, doing a long interview about his life as a producer and DJ.

He is also the owner of Project Memoria, focusing on bringing out new talent to the scene and give new people a chance to shine. Even if it’s early in development, he is sure that hard work will eventually lead to great things.

Being heavily inspired by Japanese pop-culture, he made a name of himself in the Japanese hardcore scene, having multiple releases and performing at various venues around the world. There’s still much to achieve, and he is setting the bar high in 2013 as he will be moving to Japan for a year to push his music and creative talent even further. The journey towards the stars has begun.


The vision of Project Memoria.

Words from the founder Christofer “Helblinde” Nilsson:

I’ve never really believed that one should be forced to pay for culture, and the witch hunt that is going on in the world today really makes me feel sick. This is especially true when it comes to music, where the big labels are just looking to make as big of a cut as they possibly can. Forcing politicians to act because of the big influence these companies have, we have seen multiple raids lately on big file sharing sites and it really does disgust me. Whatever these guys have coming for us, they will never win.

I’ve been downloading music since I was very young. I remember back using my 56k modem and downloading 128kbps files from Napster, it took quite some time to download these songs but boy was it worth it. I didn’t really have money back then so I wouldn’t have bought it anyway, instead, I found bands and artists that I might have never listened to otherwise. This was also what in the end got me into electronic dance music, so thank you Napster for the good times we had.

The vision I have for Project Memoria is simple, music will be free for everyone to download and share with the possibility of donating to the artists involved in the releases. All artists providing songs for Project Memoria will receieve 80% of donations, while 20% is used for mastering work and advertisement for upcoming releases. I am very aware that most of you will only download it without donating, and I wont hold a grudge for that. Instead I want you to share the music with your friends, tell the story about us, because that is in the end what I appreciate the most.

Support the artists that you love, when you have enough money yourself to do so. That is my vision, my goal, and what we together will fight for.

Never stop downloading. Sampling is god, copyright is joke.

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